Canada’s study opportunities are very much optimistic for aspiring students comprising around fifteen hundred educational institutions and almost a hundred private universities. In addition to that, many find the country very pleasing and happy to live study and work due to various reasons. Its liberal policies and perfect work environments compliment the education perfectly well. Every year, a commendable number of aspiring students apply for Canada student permit visa due to its promising educational system and policies.

Benefits of Study abroad Canada

  • 1. Canada has one of the globes best educational system.
  • 2. World class education at low tuition and living cost.
  • 3. Accommodative multicultural society providing homely feeling.
  • 4. Top notch institutions with conference rooms, concert halls, and art galleries.
  • 5. Simplified immigration rules.

Eligibility Conditions to Study Permit in Canada

  • 1. The candidate must be admitted by the destinated education institution of Canada.
  • 2. Allocate sufficient money for tuition fee.
  • 3. The expense to accommodate your family companion (if any)
  • 4. Have no criminal record or create any threat to Canadian law and order.
  • 5. Be in good shape. You might even conduct a medical examination if needed.

What is a study permit visa?

Study permit visa is a printed document authorized by Canadian immigration officials that entitles a student belonging to a foreign country to study abroad Canada. An international student who chooses a course which has a duration fewer than 6 months doesn't need a Canada student visa. If it exceeds six months, then they are supposed to avail study permit visa. The value of the document will expire after three months after the study program is completed. Get in touch with the best Canada immigration consultant for flawlessly executing your visa application process.

If you are a member of foreign armed forces, then under the Visiting Forces Act of Canada, you are exempted from study visa. In case your family or staff member happens to be a Foreign Representative in Canada, recognized by DFATD (Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade, and Development Canada), then you are exempted from study permit visa.

Courses offered in Canada.

Canada offers a lot of courses for aspiring students who wish to study abroad. The established cities of the country offer everything that a student could possibly ask for. Canada offers undergraduate diploma courses, Bachelors Degree, Masters Degree, PG Diploma or Certificate across various categories like Business Administration, Medical Science, Health and Medicine, Humanities, Travel and Hospitality, Fashion, Foodservice and much more. Our immigration experts help you identify the right educational institution that perfectly adds value to your career dreams.

PG Diploma in Canada

Options to study in Canada for international students comes with a lot of specialized PG Diploma courses that boosts the career growth in a significant way. Canada offers close to 30 specialized streams of courses and no wonder why more students are seamlessly motivated to avail Canada study visa. Some of the courses to consider are computer science, natural science, architecture, pharmacy, arts, religious studies and much more. Get in touch with APT Consulting and explore more avenues of career growth.

Bachelor's Degree in Canada

Students from all over the world instil pride in acquiring a reputed bachelors degree from one of the famed Canadian universities. Many students across the globe immigrate to Canada in order to cement their careers and tame it for better global exposures. The value of being graduated from Canada entitles a student with immense capabilities to unlock opportunities. Canadian educational system is driven by associations with commanding expertise on maintaining academic standards. Get consulted with us for shooting your career for better prospects.

UG Diploma in Canada

Every high school graduate intends to find a comprehensive stepping zone for enriching their career. Canada has rolled out study permits for various courses. Select the course that best matches your strengths and interests. We will assist you in accruing the best college for your course. Gain all the benefits of Canadian education in par with the global standards. Consult with us for more details.

Work and study in Canada

Canada has the perfect conditions to comprehend your dream of working and studying alongside. The country has an easy to follow work culture and has set up norms in accordance with that. Now get part-time jobs alongside your work and earn while you study. Canada allows international students to earn through part-time works under off-campus category and co-operative programs. Get in touch with your favourite immigration consultant to know more.

UG Diploma or Certificate

Bachelor Degree

Master's Degree

PG Diploma or Certificate

Work and Study