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Spouse Sponsorship

Canadian immigration law is versatile in providing inland and overseas sponsorship choices to live with your loved ones.You can sponsor your partner, common-law partner or conjugal partner given that they're above 18 years of age and you've got sufficient evidence to prove your relationship.

Thorough preparation, persuasive representations and intensive supporting documents will result in quicker process times by the Canadian Embassy.

Spouse sponsorship program:

  • Outland sponsorship: Spousal Sponsorship is considered as Outland Sponsorship if the spouse or common-law partner of the Canadian citizen or permanent resident, is residing outside Canada.
  • Inland sponsorship: Inland sponsorship is a key option to apply for spousal sponsorship. It is applicable when the spouse or common-law partner and the Canadian citizen or permanent resident, both are residing in Canada.

You cannot be a sponsor if :

  • You have failed to pay a loan.
  • You are serving expedition in jail.
  • Convicted of a crime.

Both the sponsorship programs have different documentation and sponsorship fees.

APT Immigration team is committed to ensure that you start an exciting life with your family with minimal disruption and expense.

APT Immigration experts will assist you with the precise paperwork and documentation required by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). We will assist you in getting your spouse permanent resident status in Canada.

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