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Canadian Employers

The APT recruitment team creates a pool of eligible foreign professionals by screening technical/functional skills, communication skills, cultural fitment and attitudes. We use a refined procedure to find the right candidates through our Recruitment and Selection Plan:

  • Discuss business requirement.
  • Map required skills.
  • Identify prospective candidates.
  • Screen through calls.
  • Submit the profiles to client.
  • Client Interviews candidate on Skype.
  • Send employment offer.
  • Onboard candidate (relocation & joining).

We recruit skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled workers and match them by their desired role, career aspirations and suitability. Shortlisted candidates are provided continuous assistance through all the formalities of migrating.

APT has an internal database of job descriptions/skill maps of a large array of job-seekers. We are precise and transparent when we recruit candidates to fit your organization structure, culture and future growth plans.

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