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Invest in Canada

There is a lot of optimism surrounding investments in the Canadian market. It’s stable economy, strong administration and a conducive environment for doing business have made investment exceedingly worth in Canada. As the best Canada immigration consultant, we help you identify the right investment opportunity that matches perfectly with your expertise and knowledge. Canada’s bustling metropolises like Toronto, Ontario, Vancouver etc has been forging the perfect ecosystem for startups in Canada to grow and multifold. Our experts will assist you in creating the best investment map to grow along with the promising Canadian economy.

How to invest in Canada?

  • Identify the business: The foremost step for investors is to find the right avenue of growth. Select the province you would like to invest and the idea you feel can be escalated for diversifying your portfolio. The array of promising small-scale businesses in Canada includes restaurants, hotels, resorts, cafes, besides IoT and ITES. Share your plan with us and we clear all the documentation so that the next step for you is to sign the agreement with confidence.
  • Business Plan: Experts at APT assist you in creating the perfect business plan that suits your business investment. We will help you to figure out profit and loss escalations, market analysis, and cost estimation of your business investment. Our experts provide you with an executive summary of the evaluations along with the financial analysis to get a complete authentic idea about the trajectory of investment and its objectives.
  • License Agreement: The Canadian Business Network primarily comprise of corporate, sole proprietorship| partnership and each of the segments requires a separate process to attain certification for doing business in Canada. We assist you comprehensively in clearing all the deadlocks of getting your investment deeds licensed securely under Canadian law.
  • Know Your Playground: Our business experts will strategically assist you in setting up meetings with the prospective business owners too and attain consensus before making the final leap. Our experts have an immense network in Canada to initiate and arrange talks to secure the complete process.
  • Lodging Application: We help you streamline the whole process of acquiring various permit applications like business number registration, federal incorporation certificate, advertising license, import and export license and much more. We customize the checklist as per your business and investment needs and gets you the documentation with much ease.

Process to Invest in Canada:

Find a business

The first step is to identify a business opportunity that matches the investor’s knowledge or interests. Currently, there are more than 2700 startups in Toronto. The top businesses in Canada include: restaurants, hotels, resorts, cafes, food chains and IT solutions.

Our Investing team aids in selecting the right business opportunity.

Create a Business Plan

A business plan comprises of profit-and-loss estimation, cost estimation, market analysis, executive summary and financial analysis. It is imperative to plan business goals and objectives to structure your investment plans.

The APT Investor team will assist in creating a business plan that suits your business investment.

License attainment

The Canada Business Network classifies businesses into corporate, sole proprietorship/partnership and cooperative. Each of these business types have different licensing procedures. A corporate business requires the certificate of incorporation; a sole proprietorship/ partnership requires a partnership deed; and a cooperative business requires special permits.

The legal team at APT assist in acquiring necessary licenses.

Planning an explanatory trip

It is very important to monitor your playground before the game. APT business experts assist in planning an exploratory trip to meet the prospective Canadian business owners. We help fix appointments to meet prospective owners and to make decisions. A trip will help you make an informed choice when you have to invest a fortune in an entirely different country.

Applying for permits

To invest in Canada, several permits and licenses are required. These documents include: a business number registration, a federal incorporation certificate, an advertising license, an import and export permit, and other documents. APT legal advisors prepare the checklist of various permits and licenses required to invest in a Canadian business. We assist in preparing an itinerary that gets required permits and licenses quickly.


After attaining all the necessary permits and licenses, the final step is to execute the business plan. The APT business team assists investors with all paperwork to bring their business investments to realization. We also do background work to attain spouse and child sponsorship for investors.

Invest in Canada

APT business agents are familiar with Canadian market trends. We assist investors through the six-step process to ensure a profitable investment in Canada.

Contact our Canada business experts to learn more.