Canada Immigration: Money-making racket or a reliable source?

There is a myriad of Canadian Immigration consultancies out there who assure the espousal of Canadian immigration within a few months. We’ve come across various Canadian Immigration consultants that communicate different ways of how you can migrate to Canada. These agencies are not supposed to charge you if they are not licensed. However, the superlative question is, are these agencies credible? How do I check the authenticity and potency of these immigration consultants?
The answer to this rhetorical question is rather simple - check whether your consultant is a licensed RCIC, i.e., a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant from ICCRC (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council).
ICCRC conducts a Full Skills Exam (FSE) every quarter, to issue a license as an RCIC. This license entrusts that the RCIC has profound knowledge about the Canadian Immigration process, IRPA (Immigration and Refugee Protection Act), PNP (Provincial Nominee Program), Canada Express Entry, Sponsorship programs, Appeals, Hearings and Temporary resident class.
Only a licensed RCIC has the right to operate as a Canadian Immigration Consultancy. The ICCRC issues this license to ensure that the immigration consultant that you choose is genuine and authentic.
The founders of APT Consultant Limited are licensed RCICs. Due to this, all the upcoming aspirants are given scrupulous attention to their respective cases. The steps pertaining to every stage of the immigration process is performed under the guidance of these licensed RCICs.
Visit us at or simply call us at +1-604-288-7919 and +91-7799111111 to connect with an RCIC. You can chat with us on Facebook @aptconsulting

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