Things you Must do before Migrating to Canada

You would have already heard about the fact that Canada is a beautiful, safe and lucrative economy for immigrants.The government of Canada has also taken many measures to welcome immigrants and their family into the various provinces of Canada. Your decision to migrate to Canada is going to be full of possibilities and excitement.

However, that said, there are many other things that you need to be aware of about migration to Canada to avoid any hassles in the future.Here are the top 5 dos and don’ts as explained by our immigration experts at Apt consulting.

Only Present Proper Credentials and Certificates While Applying for Immigration

While immigration laws in Canadaare favorable for immigrants, presenting fake certificates or credentials can lead to a lot of difficulties and might result in deportation/fine/jail term if you are found guilty.You may also face complications when you apply for a job or higher education in Canada or lose your citizenship in the country (if you held one when found guilty).

Apply for Permanent Residency as soon as you become Eligible

Canadian government gives most of its benefits to its permanent residents (not to be confused with Canadian citizenship). So if you want to enjoy all its benefits like healthcare, insurance cover and get the privilege to move anywhere within the country, you must apply for permanent residency as soon as you become eligible for it. We at Apt help all our clients apply for permanent residency and handhold them throughout the process.

Ensure that youknow where to Start after Migration

Migrating to a new country can be daunting. While you have our support fordocumentation, immigration procedure and career planning in Canada, you must figure out the basic things like your stay, logistics, food supplies and financials to get through the initial phase of setting up your life in Canada. Consider applying for a social insurance number as soon as you can and if you have any pre-existing ailment or medical condition, do have at least three months’ supply of your prescribed medicines so that you don’t have to worry about them until your health insurance cover starts.

Ensure that you have a Good Understanding of the Local Language

English proficiency is an essentialcriterion for getting immigration in Canada and you must be a CLB 6 or higher in it to be qualified to apply. This is to ensure that you possess the necessary skill set to survive in Canada and don’t have any issues in applying for a job or higher education due to your language barrier.

Carry all your Documents when Applying for Work Permit in Canada

Again, our immigration experts at Apt would give you end-to-end support with regards to immigration and applying for a work permit. However, you must be ready with all relevant documents and certificates (as mentioned in the form IMM5488E/IMM5488F whichever applicable) required for the paperwork. Failure to submit even one document from the provided list may lead to delays in the issuance of the permit.

We at Apt consulting make Canada immigration a cakewalk for our clients, but you sure need to do your bit of homework to ensure that you don’t face any hurdles in settling down post-immigration.

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