How will the New Express Entry System Impact your Immigration to Canada?

The point-based ranking system of Express Entry for immigrants coming to Canada has recently changed. These changes are applicable for those who have applied after June 6th, 2017.
Here are few insights into how this can impact your Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score and your immigration goals.

1) Candidates who Studied in Canada will get extra points.

The Canadian Immigration System has made it easier for immigrant graduates and postgraduates in Canada to transition to permanent residents. As per the new changes in the CRS scores for Express Entry, international students studying in Canada will get:

  • 30 points if they have completed a bachelor’s, master’s, doctorate or any kind of professional internship program allowing them to practice in Canada.
  • 15 points for those who finish a post-secondary program of 1-2 yearduration.

These points are in addition to the existing CRS scores prevailing in the point-based system.

2. Candidates with a Qualifying Job Opportunity will now Get Fewer Points.

While a qualifying permanent job in a skilled position is still necessary to be awarded points, the points awarded have reduced from 600 to 200 or 50 (depending on the level).

You are eligible for 200 points only if your qualifying job offer falls under these categories:

  • Legislators.
  • Senior managerial position in any Finance, Communications or Business Services.
  • Senior Managerial position in any NGOs, Health, Membership organizations and Community Services organizations.
  • Senior Managerial position in any trade, broadcasting,and media or any other unclassified services industry.
  • Senior Managerial position in any logistics, construction and production unit.

For any other classifying job for a different skill not mentioned above, you are eligible for only 50 points.

3. Additional Points for French Communicative Skills

For applicants who score CLB 7 or higher for reading, writing, listening and speaking in French, they will receive;

  • An additional 15 points in cases where the applicant scored CLB 4 or lower in English (this score applies even when and English test was not administered).
  • An additional 30 points if the applicant scored CLB 5 or more in the English test as well.

4. Extra Points if the applicant has Siblings in Canada

In case you or your spouse has a sibling in Canada, you are entitled to get an additional 15 points. However, to be eligible for this, your sibling must be 18 years or more, related to you by blood or through adoption, and have at least one parent in common.

Contact an Expert!

The new terms mentioned here are in addition to the already existing points.

When you calculate your eligibility, you must take into account the previous scores as well to deduce your current CRS score. If you have Canadian immigration in mind, it is best if you consult with an expert at least once as the process is complicated and time consuming.

Take our free online assessment and our expert immigration team will guide you through the entire immigration process!

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