Top Ways to Boost your CRS Scores

So you have made the life-changing decision of pursuing your career in Canada? Congratulations! You would have already taken or are in the process of taking your assessment test to check your eligibility for the immigration process.

Now there can be three outcomes from this test result:
  • You score above the required CRS points and get qualified.
  • Your scores are slightly lesser than the cut off points and may need to boost your scores.
  • You don’t qualify at all.

The cut-off score required to get an ITA is 441 points as per the latest Sep 2018 draw.Now, let’s look at improving your Express Entry score to help boost your chances of immigrating to Canada.

Know all your scoring points before applying

When you apply, you need to assess all the factors and analyze ways to improve your scores. Don’t delve on just the major scoring areas and consider every aspect that could gain you points. Remember every point counts,and you need to make the best use of the opportunity you have in hand. Also, keep your application updated and always on the ready-to-apply-mode so that you are prepared when the application process starts.

Try to secure a provincial nomination

Getting yourself into a provincial nomination program like the BC PNP would help you stay abreast with all latest career opportunities linked to that province. Getting into such a program would give you a sure shot chance at getting better scores because nomination under a Canadian PNP means an extra 600 CRS points.

Get yourself a Job

Not only will a job make you eligible to apply for a provincial program but will also increase your chances of getting an ITA. The job offer you hold must be from a company recognized by the Canadian government and the Labour Market Impact Assessment committee. If you are already employed, try to increase your work experience to improve your CRS scores. You can also try to use the Canadian education points by pursuing a full-time one to a three-year diploma or trainingcourse in Canada to boost your scores.

Improve your language proficiency in English and/or French

Improving your language proficiencyis one of the easiest and sure-shot ways of scoring points. A CLB 6 or higher in English(reading, writing and speaking)and/or a CLB 4 or more in French is required to be considered eligible for the Express Entry System.

Choose the Main Applicant Wisely

If applying as a couple, choose the main applicant wisely. Your spouse applying with you can get you 40 points. The one with more experience, in-demand educational qualification,and younger age would be the best main applicant.

These are some quick fixes that could help you boost your CRS scores and to be eligible for the ITA. Want to know more? Get in touch with our immigration experts at APT Consulting.

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